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72 Ways to reuse your Killapilla box

Looking for some great ideas on how to reuse or repurpose your Killapilla box?

We’ve put a list together with some ideas to help.

  1. A Killapilla travel case
  2. A storage case for your Killapilla accessories
  3. Protective box to keep your laptop in
  4. A giant pencil collection case
  5. Storage box for important financial documents
  6. A treasure box
  7. A briefcase
  8. A pet lizard house – you just need a few rocks, a bowl of water, and some plants to keep your pet happy.  Just make sure you remember to poke holes in the top so your lizard can breathe
  9. Set it up on its side and use it as a book case
  10. You can use it as a recycled gift box for a larger gift
  11. A jewelry box
  12. A baby doll bed – lay small blankets inside as bedding and place your favorite doll to sleep
  13. A bed for your favorite teddy bear – teddy’s love their own bed!  Some blankets nestled inside make a perfect bed for your childhood friend.
  14. Those little things that you need for your road trips… (roll of toilet paper, maps, Frisbee, extra coins for laundry, travel pillow, first aid kit, wrapped fruit/nut bars, etc) … all in one place!
  15. A great place to keep car “fix-it” stuff organized, like jumper cables, tool set, bungee cords, zip ties, caution signals, first aid kit, etc
  16. DVD storage
  17. VHS storage – for all of you old school peeps that find it hard to part with a piece of the past!
  18. Cassette tape storage – Oh, is this pushing it? Nah, I know some of you have tapes buried deep down in a box somewhere.

Q – What was your first album?

Carolina– “My first tape was Wham – Make it Big. My family was living in Desert Center, California and I was in grade 4.“
Todd – “Michael Jackson – Thriller. My family was living in Orlando, Florida and I was in grade 3.”

  1. LP Record storage – For the genuine nostalgic music buff
  2. Place it in the garden for compost
  3. Fill it with soil to plant a miniature garden
  4. Extension of your clothes drawer space
  5. Extra under ware or undergarment storage
  6. Extra sock storage
  7. Storage for make up
  8. Keep your hair accessories
  9. Winter clothes storage
  10. Summer clothes storage
  11. Box to keep your bikinis during the winter
  12. Box to keep your belts organized
  13. Storage for running shoes
  14. Storage for fancy high heels
  15. Storage for winter boots
  16. Storage for summer sandals
  17. Box to keep your scarves
  18. Shoe shine bits and pieces
  19. Great place to keep “clean-up” rags in the garage
  20. Calling all crafters – keep your crafty ribbons in one place
  21. Storage for all of your pretty scrapbooking paper
  22. Storage for scrapbooking tools, scissors, and accessories
  23. Great place to keep little containers of paint
  24. Keep all of your bits and pieces for building your model cars and ships
  25. If you are an artist, you can keep all of your paints, brushes, chalks, pencils, smocks, and smaller canvas
  26. Sticker collection?  Store it in the Killapilla box!
  27. Box for your Legos
  28. Got random electrical cords, plugs, and adapters?  Yup, chuck em all in the box!
  29. Great place to keep extra light bulbs all in one place
  30. Business receipt storage
  31. Storage for financial paperwork from the previous month or fiscal year.
  32. Need a secret place to keep a stash of cash?  Use your Killapilla box.
  33. Have a horse?  Keep your horse brushes organized in the Killapilla box
  34. The Killapilla box easily slips under any bed.  Great way to store stuff under your bed.
  35. Toy box
  36. Doll house furniture organizer
  37. Favorite magazine storage 
  38. Your spouses “not-so-interesting” magazine storage  “Oh honey, I don’t know where your new Fishing magazine went…hmmm?”
  39. Picture frame storage
  40. Photo storage
  41. Overnight bag for slumber party
  42. Make your own photo frame.  Draw picture frame.  Cut it out and decorate.  Attach to photo for a beautiful custom picture frame.
  43. Make Christmas ornaments with the box.  Draw designs like circles or diamonds.  Cut them out and punch a hole near the edge.  Then use your amazing decorating skills.  Punch out a hole and tie a ribbon … there you go!
  44. Make “faux aged steel” wall art in the shape of crosses.  Draw a cross at least 8cm/3 inches wide and no shorter than 30cm/1 foot long.  Glue small beads or bottle caps with glue gun to decorate.  Cover with aluminum foil and carefully press down over beads or caps, taking care not to tear foil.  Glue edges of foil onto the back of the cross.  Using black shoe polish, lightly brush paint and wipe with clean cloth to create an aged cross look.  Your cross is so light that you can just use blue tack to fix it to the wall.  Beautiful!
  45. Silly masks – Draw out a silly mask.  Cut it out placing holes where your eyes are and punching holes on either end for a string.  Tie length of string to attach to head and start being silly!
  46. Ned Kelly mask – An icon in Australian history.  A bushranger, a bandit, or a hero.  Everyone has an opinion.  The Killapilla box would make for an excellent costume for a historical re-enactment.
  47. Collage background – cut out cute photos from magazines and glue them onto the board
  48. Use as a checkerboard game.  Draw out the grids.  Paint them alternating colors to play a game of checkers or chess.
  49. Create a light up board.  Draw a design like a heart.  Punch holes along the outline of the heart.  Can even punch holes in the middle.  Cut a golf ball sized hole in the back of the box.  Place a string of fairy lights in the box and run the plug out through the hole in the back.  Tape up the box.  Plug into the wall, hang and have your heart light up!
  50. Thinking of making a lemonade stand?  Use the Killapilla box to draw your lemonade stand sign on.
  51. Use the box to store all of your lemonade stand supplies, like your till, empty cups, extra lemons for decoration, table cloth, vase for flowers, extra signs, and other bits and pieces.
  52. Got another business that can fit inside a box?  Maybe you sell home baked goods, homemade earrings, bracelets, soaps, candles, key chains, note pads, decorated rocks, something else…keep it all in the Killapilla box for easy storage and transportation.
  53. Wall shelf.  Line the inside of the box with your favorite contact paper and tape sides together.  Mount to wall for a creative place to keep your light little treasures.
  54. Mini Farm – Kids love playing with their imagination!  Glue some dirt down, use small bush branches as trees, and grab a couple of stones.  Place a few toy horses, cows and pigs in there for a fun farm play time!
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