Frequently Asked Questions

Have no fear, this is not impossible to overcome.  Many of us on the Killapilla team were once stomach sleepers too.

TIP #1 – A trick is to use a 2nd pillow (a standard pillow) or better yet, a body pillow.  While you are sleeping on your side, you wedge the 2nd pillow between your knees.  This offers support for your hips, but it also works to keep you from rolling over onto your stomach.

TIP #2 – A plain and simple answer is that it just takes good old-fashioned PRACTICE.  It is just like breaking any habit.  It just takes time and repetition.

TIP #3 – Don’t be discouraged!  This might take time, and it might be uncomfortable at first.  But be positive and stay the course.  Healthier sleep is the reward.  Your spine will thank you!

Don’t worry mate!  This is definitely possible.  Wool is a natural fiber and it has a natural tendency to clump.  We have minimized this with the development of our patented Dual Cell Technology, but we cannot prevent it all together.  

Here’s what you do…turn the pillow on its’ side so you are looking at it side-on.  Gently grab at the wool clumps and gently pull and spread the wool apart.  You can also remove the neck insert and stick your hand inside the pocket to gently pull at the wool stuffing.

The Killapilla inserts can also be re-fluffed using the same technique.

Good as new mate!

For a visual check out the “How to Re-fluff your pillow” video on our Resources tab.

Yes, this is absolutely normal.

The Killapilla is hand-stuffed with all natural Australian wool.  

So, the story goes kinda like this…the sheep grows a fluffy covering on it, which we like to call wool.  The sheep then goes to the salon to get a haircut or you might call it a “wool-cut”.  The salon gathers all of the cut wool and sends it off to be cleaned so it can be used for things like clothes, yarn, sweaters, blankets, filler for blankets, and even filler for pillows.  Most of the wool is cleaned with harsh (poisonous) chemicals, which removes all of the sheep’s natural oils (the natural oils produce the sheep smell).  Because we are committed to the Killapilla being as natural as possible, we have opted out of the use of these chemicals.  So we have asked the wool cleaners to not use any toxic chemicals to clean our wool.

What you are smelling, is wool being allowed to be wool.   This typically dissipates or lessens once your Killapilla starts to get regular use. 

Taking your Killapilla out of its pillow cover and placing it outside in the sun for a few hours will help to air it out and. 

Yes, the Killapilla is overstuffed … we have done this on purpose!  Natural wool is a natural fiber and we have found that it has a natural tendency to compress over time.  This is totally natural.  The height loss and compression was taken into account when we hand-stuffed your Killapilla.  You can expect your Killapilla to compress about 25% during the first few weeks of use.

No worries mate!  A little elbow grease is all that is needed here.  A quick refluff should set her right again.  You can check out the “How to re-fluff your pillow” video on our Resources page for a demonstration of how to re-fluff your Killapilla.

Yes it will.  Even the Large Size Killapilla fits into standard pillow slips/cases

Prevention is the best strategy.  That’s why every Killapilla comes with a Zippered Pillow Cover.  This cover is to be used at all times on the pillow.  In addition use a pillow slip/case on top of the Zippered Pillow Cover for maximum protection.  If necessary, you can even double up your covering pillow slip/cases for added protection.

To keep your pillow fresh air it out regularly in the sunshine.

We recommend regularly washing your Zippered Pillow Cover and pillow slips/cases.

We do NOT recommend washing your Killapilla.

Keep in mind that your pillow is filled with all natural wool.  Washing your Killapilla is at your own risk and we do not guarantee that any washing will result in a cleaner and smell-free pillow.  

However, if you find that you must, here are some simple suggestions.

You can immerse your pillow in cool water and gently agitate with your hands using a very mild and natural soap. (our family uses Kin Kin soap).  Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.  To dry, place the pillow out in the sunshine to air it out.  Once dry try gently shaking and massaging your pillow to spruce it back up again.

*Note for information only – As luck would have it, we have had a pillow get smashed into the mud in the pouring rain. (funny story!!)   The only way we could clean it was to hose it down with the watering hose.  Surprisingly it worked and once we dried it and spruced it back up again, it was good as gold.

For the majority of people it will take 2-3 nights for your spine and sleep posture to adapt to a healthy position.  It might initially feel awkward or uncomfortable.  Even though you might not be used to sleeping with correct posture support, this pillow was designed to put you in a correct and healthy sleep position.  Ride out this initial stage and you will be so glad that you did.

There are a small percentage of people that may have significant long-term spinal stress, damage, or sensitivity, which the Killapilla may affect and stir up.  If this is you, please give yourself time and do not get discouraged, as you need this the most.

Here are some suggestions for you.  If you check out the Product Information under the Resource Tab and scroll down to “What to expect when using your Killapilla” you can see what strategies have worked with other Killapilla users that were struggling at first.  

For Chiropractic patients, communicate with your chiropractor as they are there to help you through your spinal correction phase.  They will know the condition of your spine and may be able to give you advice or assistance through the transition to healthier sleep.

If you don’t have a Chiropractor, my suggestion is to find a good one.  One that specializes in corrective care and wellness.  They can help your spine and nervous system become healthier and your body to function at its’ optimal level.  This will help to assist with your transition to using the Killapilla.  If you would like us to recommend a great chiropractor, just send us an email.   We have connections across the globe. 

Stay the course mate!  Healthier sleep is always worth it.  Your spine will thank you!

As much as we would love to say yes, we know that this is not the case.

In our Chiropractic practice we have found that there are a very small (about 2%) percentage of people that do not do well with the shape and neck support of the Killapilla.  

Generally speaking, those have been people with extreme spinal damage to the neck or extreme neurological sensitivities.

A quick solution would be to add a sock or something soft and bulky like that to include with your inserts.  You can also purchase additional Neck Inserts and Zippered Pillow Covers on our website.

Happy and healthy sleep = happy and healthy people !!

Yes!  Spinally correct is just part of the picture.  If you are resting your head on a toxic synthetic pillow for 8 hours a day, you are essentially poisoning yourself throughout the night.  This adds to your daily chemical stress load.  As your head rests on your synthetic pillow, the temperature of the pillow will begin to rise.  This increase in temperature will also increase the rate in which VOC’s release into the air, which interferes with your body’s ability to rest, heal, and repair.  VOC’s are known to cause cancer, disrupt the endocrine system, and be toxic to the brain.  Headaches, asthma, allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes, coughing, sleeplessness, night terrors, neck pain, etc are all the bodies way of saying “Something is wrong.  Please clean up my environment”. 

So, yes, they are both important.

Part #1 

A healthy and well taken care of Killapilla should last anywhere between 1-3 years.  This will depend greatly on an individual’s sleeping habits, personal hygiene, their location, their climate, etc.  Experts agree that pillows should be replaced every 6–36 months.  This is a personal decision.

Our pillows are hand-sewn in Australia and are guaranteed to be free from manufacture defect for 3 years.  Under regular use.  This includes stitches and seams.

Part #2

Not 100’s-1000’s of years.

Our pillows are made from all Natural and Organic materials.  This means that once they have been used and are ready to be discarded they will naturally and easily be incorporated back into the earth.

Synthetic pillows, on the other hand, will take 100’s of years for the chemicals and materials to begin to biodegrade, then fast forward a few hundred more years and it will eventually decompose.  Leaving long lasting negative effects on the environment, our future generations, and the planet.

So you can be rest assured that our pillows won’t last forever. ☺

Kids benefit the most from healthy sleep!  Since they are developing both neurologically and physically, sending them to bed on a non-toxic and spinally correct pillow gives them an amazing head start to a healthy future.   You can see our Children’s size pillow on our “Shop Now” page.  

SOOO glad you asked!!  Our team at Killa Industries prides ourselves in anticipating our customers needs.  We like to think that we have thought of absolutely everything …so we most certainly do have a few suggestions of how to reuse your Killapilla box – 72 ideas to be exact. 

Check out our Resources page for ways to reuse your Killapilla box.

Well, simply put…because we thought that that the name was cool and different.  The name Killapilla captures a bit of our American surf culture (we are from San Diego, California) and our new Aussie life.  

In San Diego, when we wanted to describe something that was amazing or terrific, we would also use the word “killer” .  

For example; rather than saying “Those tacos are great!”you’d say “Those tacos are killer!”  If you caught an amazing wave during your surf session, you would say “That was a killer wave!” 

We knew that we were creating a pillow design and concept that was completely different.  Our pillow was going to be high quality, awesome, great, wicked good, and amazing.  Essentially, it was “killer”.

Well, as you know, Aussies don’t pronounce “R’s” at the end of words.  They speak the  “Australian” language fondly called “Stra-yan”.

“Super” is said “Supa”

“Car” is said “Ca”

“Farmer” is said “Farma”

So our “killer pillow” is pronounced “Killapilla”.