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I absolutely love your pillows and via a chiropractor in Adelaide have purchased another two for my daughter and her partner and they too love them.

It amazes me that we spend thousands on mattresses and think paying $15.00 

is too expensive for a pillow.

Cyndi O’meara

Founder Changing Habits

Nutritionist, Film Maker, Best-selling Author, International speaker, etc.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Stephen Franson, DC

Founder The Remarkable Practice

New Jersey, USA

My family is always on the look-out for the healthiest options – especially when it comes to the things that we use in our lives every day.  In regards to our bedding, we are sticklers for comfort, ergonomics, toxin-free materials and environmental sensitivity in production practices…Killapilla has created a product that tics all of the boxes.  Our Killapillas have not left our bed.

Got my Killapilla and Love it!  It is a work of art – even the shipping box.  I will probably have dreams of Australia sleeping on such a unique piece of the land down under.  I am looking forward to going to bed tonight!!

Scott Alexander

author of Advanced Rhinocerology series

California, USA

Magdalena D.
Queanbeyan, New South Wales
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Thanks again Carolina!
Simon Floreani DC
Middle Park, Victoria
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I love the pillow! It’s a gem!
Susie T.
Hervey Bay, Queensland
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Loving my Killapilla so far ❤️

Jeff loves his Killapilla.  Our patients say they like it, takes a little to get used to and is well worth it!

Dr Jeff Hannah DC

North Lakes, Queensland

Sandra T.

Kilkivan, Queensland

I absolutely love my Killapilla.  The first time I tried it, it felt so natural and just what my body had been craving for so long.  It goes everywhere with me.

Yes, my Killapilla is the best investment I have for my spinal health.  I also wake up with less congestion due to my pillow being made with natural products.  Thanks to Doc Todd for the BEST pillow ever made.

Glenda M.

Cooloola Cove, Queensland

Sue P.


Looks like an amazing product with a great business ethos pastedGraphic.png

As a fellow Chiropractor, I thought I knew what a great pillow was.  

To both sleep on and to also recommend to patients in our clinics. 

This was until I had the opportunity to sleep on a Killapilla.

I have been involved in a high speed motorcycle accident with severe degeneration in my cervical spine(neck) and have been getting adjusted regularly for 27 years, I was able to keep any issues at bay for three decades. Lately though, I was waking up with terrible tension in my head and having strange neurological disturbances that seemed to be out of the blue. Went for tests and…nothing!

It was just after one night using a Killapilla that I woke up with no tension whatsoever.  Now I only sleep on a Killapilla.  Wherever I go, it goes with me!

I have recommended this pillow to patients in our clinics.  They all have the same 

follow up…they LOVE it.

There really is another level to a high quality pillow, and Killapilla is it. It is locally made in Queensland from Australian sourced materials, by people who want to make a difference to the health of their community, country and world while simultaneously supporting the local economy.

I can unreservedly recommend that you check out this revolutionary pillow, 

your health will thank you for it!

Michael E. DiPaul DC

Founder and Director of Complete Care Chiropractic Pty/Ltd

Rockhampton, Queensland

Woohoo, my Killapilla has arrived!!!! Yay yay yay!!!!!  I am loving my Killapilla!!!! My bed is just soooo luxurious now.  I am now well and truly spoilt for comfort in bed!!!

Jan B.

Bundaberg, Queensland


Western Australia

I’m really loving my Killapilla. Yes, as explained on your website it is a different feel to a traditional pillow but my C1/TMJ issues feel like they are really benefiting from the new position. I’m sleeping through the night without being woken in the early hours by neck/jaw pain for the first time in many years. I’m very happy with it.

Thank you!!

I’ve had one for a couple of months now…there is no price you can put on a good night sleep ….it’s certainly the best pillow I’ve ever had for that very reason…..why did was I so mean and stingy before compromising the sleep my body really deserved.

Laurence B.

Perth, Western Australia

Matt S.

Lawyer / Attorney / Chiro Student 

Annerley, Queensland

Yes, arrived safe and sound.  Still experimenting with the inserts but yes, awesome!  Thank you so much.  I’ll never get out of bed!

I’ll keep you posted and will certainly recommend it.

Nick Laurie DC
Aukland, New Zealand
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I love mine.
Alex and Dr. Pat Sim DC
Unley, South Australia
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We've never slept so well since having ours!!
Lyle DeMoss DC
Newport Beach, California USA
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Love my Killa Pillow!

I have had 1 night on the pillow and it was a good night. As I mentioned I have battled with pillows for some time now. The old brand of contour pillow I used had changed and didn’t suit me anymore.

I have always been an advocate of pillows to suit cervical curves and 

your one feels like it has the answers.

Thank you very much. I am sure you will save even more lives with them.

Will keep you posted.

Craig G. DC

Keswick Island, Queensland

Silvia Hogan NTP, FDN

(1st practitioner to use Killapilla for muscle testing)

Borrego Springs, California USA

Oh my goodness, seems that I started a new curiosity among FDN (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition). People have been asking me more about muscle testing your pillow!

I’m super excited and can’t wait for my new pillow as my neck and shoulders have definitely been suffering a bit lately!  I heard about your product through Changing Habits, Cindy O’Meara posted it on her Instagram story 🙂

My pillow arrived yesterday-so excited!

I think I need to give myself some time to adjust to it fully (20+ yrs of sleeping on the wrong kind of pillows!) but instantly my spine feels less ‘compressed’ when I lay down on it which is amazing so I can only imagine the benefits long term 🙂

Thanks again Carolina!

Magdalena D

Queanbeyan, New South Wales

Caroline R


My other pillows were too high and full.  Since using the Killapilla I have been falling asleep quicker and sleeping sounder.  I have had less allergies and no sneezing 

when I go to bed or when I wake up!