How to Properly use your Killapilla

  • How to place your Killapilla: You will notice that one side of your Killapilla has a zipper. Place the zippered side of the pillow at your shoulders and under your neck.
  • Choose a suitable “Sleep Option” outlined above in “Customizable Sleep Options”. You should choose an option that offers stable and adequate support under your neck. You might find that over time your neck support needs will change and it will be necessary to add insert support.
Sleeping Position
  • When sleeping on your back: Your head should fall into “The Nest”, the depressed centre of the pillow. The zippered pocket should be under your neck offering stable neck/cervical support while you sleep.
  • When sleeping on your side: Roll your head over onto the fully stuffed side of the Killapilla. The fully stuffed sides of the Killapilla will comfortably support your spine while you side sleep.




* Warm in Winter

* Cool in Summer

* Naturally Fire Resistant

* Naturally Resistant to Dust Mites

* Resistant to Mould and Mildew

* Excellent for Allergy Sufferers

* Proven to Steady the Heart Rate

* Allows for a Deeper Sleep

* Static Resistant

Non-Allergenic *

Natural *

Biodegradable *

Renewable *

Soft *

Anti-Bacterial *

Odour Resistant *

Water Repellant *

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Customizable Sleep Options:

  • Sleep Option #1: Use no neck insert
  • Sleep Option #2: Use Small neck insert
  • Sleep Option #3: Use Large neck insert
  • Sleep Option #4: Use both Small and Large neck inserts together

What to expect when using your Killapilla:

Everyone is different.
Keep in mind that the Killapilla is working to restore proper cervical curve during sleep
Most people can’t help but fall instantly in love with their Killapilla.
For those that have never used a neck/cervical support pillow, it might take 2-3 nights to adjust and get properly acquainted.
Then there is the small percentage of people that may have significant long-term spinal stress, damage, or sensitivity which the Killapilla may affect and stir up.

If you need a few nights to get acquainted:

  • It may take 2-3 days for your spine and posture to adapt to a healthy sleeping position. This is simply because you and your spine are not used to sleeping like this. Even though your Killapilla is putting your body in a correct and healthy sleeping position, you may initially find it awkward or uncomfortable. That is okay. Stay the course as you will be so glad that you did!

If you are struggling:

  • For the few of you that have additional spinal stressors, it may take a couple of weeks for your body to adapt to the spinally correct sleep posture of your Killapilla. You might need to give your spine and body time to get used to a healthy sleeping position. Please be patient with your body and give yourself time. Don’t get discouraged, as you need your Killapilla the most!
If you need a few nights to get acquainted:
  • If you are finding using your Killapilla difficult, uncomfortable or intense initially, try Sleep Option 1, using no neck insert. This will lessen the neck support making it much flatter. Give that a few nights. When your spine has adapted to that position, you can place a single sock or similar into the zippered pouch to give just a little support for the neck when you are sleeping on your back. As you adapt to that, then graduate to the Small Insert and go from there.
  • Another option is to start the night on your Killapilla and then if you wake with discomfort, switch to your old pillow. Keep doing this with the goal of increasing your time on the Killapilla each day until the Killapilla becomes your nightly sleep pal.

Your Killapilla comes with:

  • ONE (1) – All Natural and Organic Killapilla Pillow with Customizable Zippered Pocket
  • ONE (1)- 100% Organic Cotton Zippered Pillow Cover (For Added Protection…make sure you also use your own pillow slip on top of this)
  • TWO (2) – Wool Filled Neck Inserts for Customizable Sleep
    • Small Size Insert
    • Large Size Insert

How to properly care for your Killapilla:

  • Keep your Killapilla clean

Keep in mind that your Killapilla is filled with natural wool, so protecting it from getting dirty is THE BEST strategy.
Your Killapilla needs protection.  
That’s why we have included an Organic Cotton Zippered Pillow Cover.  Always use this!  
But make sure you are also using a pillow slip/case on top of the zippered cover for maximum protection.  If necessary, you can even double up your covering pillow slips/cases for added protection.
Your pillow slip/case should be replaced once a week AND your zippered pillow cover should be washed regularly

  • Air out regularly in the sunshine.


We do not guarantee that any washing will result in a cleaner and smell-free pillow.

But…if you find that you must, here are some simple suggestions.
You can immerse your Killapilla in cool water and gently agitate with your hands using a very mild and natural soap.  Make sure that you rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residue.  To dry, place your Killapilla outside in the shade to dry.  Once dry, place your Killapilla out in the sunshine to air it out and give it a little Vitamin D.  Your Killapilla likes this anyways.  Then try gently shaking and massaging your Killapilla to spruce it back up again.

Product Sizes:

    • Contains  gm Australian Wool
    • Weight of pillow:  gm
    • Contains 940gm Australian Wool
    • Weight of pillow: 1125gm
    • Dimensions of pillow: 24 x 17” ( 62 cm x 43 cm )
    • Contains 1165gm Australian Wool
    • Weight of pillow: 1350gm
    • Dimensions of pillow: 24 x 17” ( 62 cm x 43 cm )
    • Dimensions:  29 x 21”  ( 74 cm x 53cm )

Warranty Policy for your Killapilla:

3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty against faults and defects in craftsmanship.

Your Killapilla has been built to last.
For your convenience, online purchases are automatically registered for warranty.
If you have purchased a Killapilla at a retail outlet, you can register your warranty by going onto to
All costs associated with shipping and packing are your responsibility.
Please allow time for warranty verification and defective product investigation.
Once verified, we will happily send you a replacement.
Feel free to contact us and we can help you through the process.

Refund Policy for your Killapilla:

Due to health and hygiene practices, we can only refund an UNUSED Killapilla in its’ original packaging AND with all accessories and materials included.

If your Killapilla has been slept on even once, then we regret that we cannot offer you a refund.

We have a few suggestions though!

If you have slept on your Killapilla and simply “don’t like it”, we encourage you to please give it enough time for your body to attempt to adapt.  As a last resort, we suggest that you give it to someone you care about.

Please note for Returns that you will be responsible for all return shipping costs of the unused Killapilla.  Once we receive the Killapilla, it will be inspected and determined if it qualifies for whole or partial refund.  

We appreciate your understanding with our Refund Policy as per health and hygiene requirements.