Do you want a pillow that lasts FOREVER?

Do you really want your pillow to last forever?

…and ever??

People always email me to ask me how long our pillows last.

“Good question” I say.
I think you will like the answer to this one.
First, let’s start answering this question with another question… “How long do you think your current pillow will last?”
If you’re like most people, you might be using some sort of synthetic pillow. Take your pick – poly fill, memory foam, water bladder, rubber, egg crate, purple pillows, fancy pillows, therapeutic pillows, cheap pillows, and expensive pillows.
All synthetic in whole or in part.  Did you know that they are made from petro-chemicals and out-gas poisonous VOC’s during sleep.  These pillows are the result of some science experiment and are not natural in any way.
How long will they last?  A very looong time.  

What do I mean by this?  The materials will not biodegrade in your lifetime.
Most likely they won’t even decompose in your lifetime.
Meaning that for generations to come, your synthetic pillow will have long lasting effects on the environment and the planet.
Experts recommend that we replace our pillows regularly. Depending on your personal hygiene, you should replace your pillow every 6 months to 3 years.
So let’s do the math…

Conservatively, if someone started using pillows when they were 5 years old and they are now 60 years old, and they replaced them every 3 years…that’s over 18 pillows over their lifetime. 

Where are those 18 synthetic pillows now?  My guess is that they are laying in a landfill somewhere…beginning their wait for hundreds of years to pass before they even begin to biodegrade.  Multiply this by every person on the planet that uses a pillow.  

It is staggering!
On the other hand – the Killapilla is made from ALL NATURAL and ORGANIC materials. Materials that are straight from the earth so that when it is time for them to be replaced, they can easily be incorporated back to the earth.
Australian Wool – natural
GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric – natural
Plastic Free Packaging – Recyclable/Reusable/Compostable.
So, to answer the original question,
“How long do our pillows last?”
…you can rest assured that our pillows don’t last forever.  

Whenever you decide to replace them, that choice is up to you.
Our pillows last for however long you want them to. 

We guarantee them to be free from manufacturer defects for 3 years after purchase when used as intended.  (No pillow fights ☺)
Don’t settle for synthetic pillows.
Make healthier choices for you, our future generations, and the planet.

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