Go Methyl Bromide Free with your Furniture

For many of us turning our house into a home can be exciting and fun.  

Decorating our homes is a form of self-expression.  From picking styles, colors, furnishings, art, and fabrics to make us feel happy and comfortable while showing off our unique one-of-a-kind style.

Little do most of us know, that some of our furnishings can be giving us more than we bargained for…in the form of toxic outgassing.

In Australia, our laws are such that all imported items must go through quarantine before coming into Australia.  Items must undergo a high pressure vacuumed fumigation process.  This is done in the hopes of reducing and/or avoiding outbreaks of foreign pests that could be in shipping containers and imported goods.

The chemicals used in the high-pressure fumigation is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas called Methyl Bromide.   It is an effective pesticide that has been banned in many countries due to its classification as an ODS (ozone depleting substance).

Not only is methyl bromide a ‘top pick’ (NOT) for our environmentally concerned governmental agencies, don’t worry…it is also HIGHLY TOXIC!!

According to the American EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) this ozone depleting chemical can cause respiratory problems, neurological effects, kidney damage, heart damage, suspect to cause reproductive harm, and correlation with testicular cancer.  Yikes!

What’s worse is the fumigation process is so effective that many imported items can still contain vacuum -baked in chemical residues that continue to outgass in your home.

Now what?!


Make the Switch to Natural Australian-Made Furnishings

Australian made items do not have to undergo this fumigation process.

Before you go call a removalist to come and empty out the imported furniture from your home, just relax.

Simply make a plan to upgrade your imported pieces of furniture one at a time with furniture made here in Australia.  As your furniture needs replacing, take a look at locally owned furniture shops as they might have a selection of Made in Australia furniture.  

Here are some suggestions for finding Methyl Bromide free FURNISHINGS and BEDDING.  



  • Visit www.musecollections.com.au   They carry Australian made mattresses that are made with natural components.
  • Organature.  They specialize in organic mattresses, bedding, and Australian made furnishings.


Organature.  They are an Australian company that makes organic bedding, mattresses, carpet, and clothes for the whole family and house.



The KILLAPILLA is the only way to go! 

Our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric has special VIP clearance to BYPASS all fumigation, keeping it completely organic, chemical free, non-toxic, and safe.

Our wool for our fill is grown, sheared, and cleaned in Australian and our pillows are hand crafted right here

in Queensland, Australia….for maximum happiness☺



visit www.australianorganicdirectory.com.au

They have a comprehensive listing of where to source just about everything for your healthy, non-toxic, and safe home.


So, the GOOD NEWS is that you can easily make a plan to make your home a safe and chemical free environment for you and your family AND feel good about supporting Australian Made products!

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