Swap out Chemicals in your Home

Under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, at arms’ reach in your laundry room…These are our go-to places where we keep our cleaning products for easy access.

If you’re cleaning with conventional, major brand cleaning products then consider swapping them out for all natural AND effective cleaning alternatives.  


Let’s Re-Learn what Clean is

First of all, we have to recognize the cleaning dogma that we have been taught.

We are being heavily marketed to by LOTS of companies, cleaning companies included.  They spend MILLIONS of dollars every year telling us what “clean” is.  They have taught us that the definition of clean is when you can smell their product.

So now, we associate the smells of bleach, chemicals, fake eucalyptus, fake lemon, fake lavender, etc with cleanliness and sterility in our homes. 

Just cleaned the toilet with White King bleach…mmm, yup… now it smells clean, right? 

Careful there.  Those “clean” smells that you are sucking down are chemicals.  The “natural” smells are artificially created with the use of chemical fragrances.  The bubbles that your laundry soap makes, those are the result of chemicals too.  


Serious Stuff

Typical household cleaners are LOADED with some pretty serious chemicals.

Ever notice how your cleaning products don’t have ingredient labels?

Many of the ingredients used to make cleaners and detergents are very toxic and are classified as VOCs.  This stands for Volatile Organic Compound and they are dangerous in the short term and the long term.  They float around in the air and are known carcinogens (cancer causing), endocrine (hormone) disruptors, and damaging to the brain.  They also pollute the environment during their entire life – pollution is generated during the manufacturing process, while they are being used and once they are disposed of in a land fill.  NO GOOD for people and NO GOOD for the planet.

You can find VOCs in household cleaners, bleach, dish soaps, air fresheners, detergents, fabric softeners, perfume, nail polishes, synthetic fibers, your mattresses, pillows, memory foam, carpets, flat pack furniture, etc…get the idea?

VOCs aren’t in Killapillas…Our pillows are all natural and non-toxic.  YAY!! ☺


Go Natural, Chemical Free, and No/Low VOCs

Wondering how to make changes?  Not to worry!  Just think…people have been cleaning and disinfecting their homes since the beginning of time even BEFORE the grocery stores had cleaning isles.  Its easy to make the switch!  Simplify your life with Healthier and Cheaper cleaning!!

Here at Killa Industries we believe in living a healthy lifestyle which includes safe and natural sleep…AND safe and natural cleaning.  Our natural general cleaning products are simple.  Why don’t you give them a try!


Vinegar and Baking Soda


VINEGAR:  This is one of the oldest and most effective cleaning products in history…a tried and true cleaner, standing the test of time.  It is a powerful disinfectant and antibacterial that kills 95-99% of bacteria and up to 80% of germs!!!  It has a clean smell that dissipates quickly, is effective against mould AND it is super cheap!!

Here’s all you need:  A spray bottle filled with 1 part vinegar and 1 part water.

Works a charm for around the house as a General Cleaner.  Use it in the kitchen on dirty benchtops that need disinfecting, sinks, floors.  Works great in the bathroom on all surfaces, shower, tubs, mirrors, tile floors, toilets, windows, walls.  You can even use it as a replacement for dishwasher tablets in your dishwasher and as a fabric softener for your laundry.

BAKING SODA:  This is my personal #1 heavy duty cleaner for those hard jobs around the house.  It is an all-natural and non-abrasive cleaner that WHACKS out stains and grime.

Here’s all you need:  On a small ceramic plate scoop out a couple Tablespoons of Baking Soda and a wet sponge  + elbow grease

Dab wet sponge with baking soda and tackle any spot.  Works on ovens, scuffed walls, rust stains, kitchens, walls, floors/grout, bathrooms, showers, glass, sinks, stains on clothes, add to washing machines…anything and just about everything can be cleaned spotless with baking soda.  You can even use it to deodorize.


Carpets: sprinkle liberally and vacuum after about an hour. 

Weird smells in the fridge:  Leave an open box in the fridge to neutralise smells…and clean your fridge with vinegar and water and scrub down with baking soda

Cleaning Products we Recommend

There are a couple more amazing natural cleaning products that we use in our home to make things a bit easier.

At Killa Industries, we recommend the following Australian products:

Dish Soap – Kin Kin Dishwashing Soap

Laundry Soap – Kin Kin Laundry Soap

(Kin Kin products are AMAZING!!  I am always recommending them.  They are locally made near our home town and readily available throughout Australia in natural health food shops and GoVita)

Going ALL NATURAL is easy, cheap, and effective!

We would LOVE to keep up with you and the changes you are making in your home.  Connect with us on our facebook page and keep in touch!


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