We love nature and try to live congruent with this value.
That’s why we created the Killapilla to be an all natural and organic sleep source.
Natural sleep. Healthy sleep. High quality sleep.
The way Mother Nature intended.

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Killapilla takes you away to a simpler time when all natural & organic were just how things were.

is sourced from
South Australian sheep farmers.
It has been minimally processed
in a local facility without the use
of harmful chemicals earning its’
Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification.
It is graded baby safe.

Oeko-Tex certified organic wool - Killapilla Pillows

are sourced from a local
Australian owned 4th generation
box manufacturing factory.
They are recyclable, reusable,
compostable, and biodegradable.


is the finest Organic Cotton
sourced from
organic farms in India.

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Organic farming plays a critical role in protecting our environment.
Chemical free and traditional farming methods help to nurture the soil,
crops, and the ecosystem.
Our cotton comes from small family farms in India. The farmers are happy and
healthy because they aren’t forced to use deadly chemicals to grow their crops.
Their land and water sources are not contaminated with pesticides because they
use natural chemical free methods.
They are treated with dignity and respect and are paid fairly.
This means that you can get that warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that the
Killapilla is a healthy option for you, for your family, and for the planet.

Standard organic cotton only has to contain 70% certified organic natural fibres.
Our fabric contains at least 95%

Supporting organic farming in India helps
to support cotton farmers and their families by:

  • Protecting their clean water sources from poisonous chemical contamination
  • Reduces their exposure to toxic pesticides and chemicals
  • Ensures that their land is healthy and increases the chance of successful future crops
  • Supports the health of their current crops by generating higher and healthier crop yields
  • Reducing financial burden of GMO (Genetically Modified Seeds) crops as they are no longer required to purchase specialized seed
  • Protects the environment and local eco-systems
  • Ensures that fair wages are earned by everybody involved in the production chain – from seed to fabric
  • Not utilizing child labour


  • GMO Cotton accounts for around 99% of global cotton production
  • Conventional cotton farming uses 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of the pesticides.
  • 355,000 people globally die every year due to chemical poisoning. Most deaths occur in developing countries where they have excessive and inappropriate use of toxic chemicals (according to World Health Organisation)
  • By 2020 nearly 1/3 of the world’s chemical production will take place in developing countries, increasing their health and environmental risks (according to WHO)
Indian Farmer Lady

Getting healthy and non-toxic sleep every night is crucial.
For babies, children, adults, and the aged.
Our bodies require it for good health.
The Killapilla combines a structurally supportive design with
all natural and organic materials.
Offering proper spinal support to remove physical stress and tension
on the spine and spinal cord.
Dually important is ensuring that we are free from chemical stress
while we sleep, as the chemical toxins can interfere with
sleep patterns, quality of sleep, create health symptoms, and thus
negatively impact our health.



Synthetic pillows can place a lot of chemical stress on our bodies.
These pillows are made from petroleum based chemicals which start their
life as crude oil. It is a toxic combination of a range of chemicals brewed together to create a synthetic (sometimes called “hypo-allergenic”) pillow.
These pillows release gasses called VOC’s.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are airborne substances that can negatively impact your health.

Exposure to VOC’s are known to cause cancer, disrupt hormones (the
endocrine system), and are toxic to the brain.

  • We spend 8 hours
    of our day sleeping
  • We spend 1/3
    of our lives sleeping

Young children and people with sensitive respiratory systems and
chemical sensitivities should be especially cautious. Some mild
symptoms of VOC exposure could be irritations of the eyes, nose and
throat, nausea, and headaches.


  • itchy eyes
  • asthma
  • headaches
  • foggy head
  • hay fever
  • allergies
  • sneezing
  • dizziness


  • poly fill
  • water bladder
  • egg crate foam
  • latex blends
  • memory foam
  • micro beads
  • off cut foams
  • foams

Items that are imported into Australia are subject to quarantine and fumigation
prior to entering the country.
This is to ensure that foreign contaminants do not enter onto Australian soil to
disrupt our natural ecosystem and cause potential sickness and disease. Sounds
like a noble cause. But at what cost?
This high-pressure fumigation process is done with a highly toxic chemical called
Methyl Bromide and can leave toxic residues on any imported goods.
Think lounges, furniture, clothes, bedding, baby cots, etc.
This chemical is so toxic that it is banned in many countries as it is classified as an
ozone depleting substance.
Residues of Methyl Bromide continue to off-gas well after the imported product is in
your home, making it another source of VOC exposure.
Here’s some GOOD NEWS!
Our organic cotton is imported from India but it DOES NOT go through the
fumigation process. Because of it’s high purity certification standard of
being “clean and chemical free” our cotton bypasses this toxic process.
This is one of the reasons we chose to use such a high quality cotton for our pillows.

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Photo of actual label used on our Organic Cotton rolls.
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