Killapilla Adult Pillow

The Healthiest Pillow on the Planet
An Organic and Ergonomic Contoured Pillow that is good for you, the planet, and supports local industry.



A good night sleep is important for your health… The Killapilla is the perfect natural sleep source for a healthy and high quality sleep.

Our Adult Range of Killapilla’s come in 2 sizes and picking the right size is simple… Just follow these steps.

Killapilla Sizing chart for Tweens and Adults



  • Custom made Zippered Pillow Cover
  • Small Neck (Cervical) Insert
  • Large Neck (Cervical) Insert


General Information:

We only use organic cotton for all components of the Killapilla.  Our organic cotton fabric is GOTS Certified.  It is non-dyed and non-bleached so there may be naturally occurring inconsistencies in colour and texture.

All of our Australian wool is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  The wool has been minimally processed. It has not been bleached, carbonised, or dyed.  As a result, our wool may have naturally occurring inconsistencies in colour and texture.


Regular Pillow Information:

  • Weight of Pillow: 1125gm
  • Dimensions of Pillow: 24″ x 17″ (62cm x 43cm)


Large Pillow Information:

  • Weight of Pillow: 1350gm
  • Dimensions of Pillow: 24″ x 17″ (62cm x 43cm)