Killapilla Tween Pillow

The Tween size Killapilla has been designed to be suited for average-sized children ages 8-12 years old. It is a smaller version of the adult Killapilla with the same unique Killapilla features.


Healthy and high quality sleep for children is vital to their development and well being.  The Tween Killapilla offers your children a natural, safe, and comfortable sleep source to enjoy night after night.  With a design similar to the adult size Killapilla, the Tween Killapilla is a smaller version of the adult pillow that includes special smaller Neck Inserts so that the kids can customise their sleep just like mum and dad.

We have designed the Tween Killapilla to be suitable for children ages 8-12.

Tweens come in many shapes and sizes.  If your tween measures over 40cm across the shoulders, they might be ready for an Adult size Killapilla. Check the size chart on the Adult Killapilla shop page.



  • Custom made Tween Zippered Pillow Cover made from 100% Organic Cotton Fabric
  • Tween sized Neck Inserts (2)


General Information:

We only use organic cotton for all components of the Tween Killapilla.  Our organic cotton fabric is GOTS Certified.  It is non-dyed and non-bleached so there may be naturally occurring inconsistencies in colour and texture.

All of our Australian wool is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  The wool has been minimally processed. It has not been bleached, carbonised, or dyed.  As a result, our wool may have naturally occurring inconsistencies in colour and texture.


Tween Pillow Information

  • Weight of Pillow: 600gm
  • Dimensions of Pillow: 22″ x 15″ (57cm x 39cm)


Young Children and Infants

We generally don’t recommend the use of pillows for young children and infants under the age of 5. In our opinion and from our clinical experience we find that most young children tend to spend most of the night moving around a lot on their bed. While sleeping, many young children unknowingly do acrobatic shows, flipping and flopping on their bed throughout the night. It’s a wonder most of them don’t end up on the floor!  Any pillows on their bed might actually interfere with their natural sleep movements/posture and their developing body. And unless they are using an all-natural pillow, the pillow could expose them to a significant source of toxic VOC’s while they are sleeping. Yuk and no good!

We have designed the Tween Killapilla to be suitable for children ages 8-12 as they are more able to sleep in a more ‘normal’ sleep position.